Paths run for three hours each morning of Camp. At the beginning of WitchCamp each camper chooses a Path (or the Path chooses them...) and it is followed through four mornings of teacher-facilitated workings that tie-in with the theme and ritual story. Workings are a mix of individual and group working, often including discussions, trance, ritual, journalling, craft and other activities and magical techniques.

If it is your first time at CloudCatcher it is expected that you will take the Elements of Magic Path unless you have taken Elements of Magic in the community or at another camp .

2017 Paths are:

Reclaiming Elements of Magic – with Copper Persephone and Jack






Listen.  There is a world of magick swirling around you. Do you dare to stop, to listen, to let it in? This land has a deep, old story, and with care and respect we invite the wandering wind, the nourishing rain, the shifting and regenerating earth, and the volcanic fire to move within us. We are elemental beings weaving our own story, and we move into harmony with the land.

The eucalypts sway with the breeze, and the clouds roll down the mountain, cloaking the land. Draped in mist and mystery, we enter into the realm of CloudCatcher, our senses keen as we journey through the elements -

Listening to Elementals of the land, we enter new relationships with these forces and spirits. Releasing the concept of individualism, we recognise ourselves as an intrinsic part of nature, of the ecosystem, finding our place in the dance of the wild. With the art of magic, we deepen our vision and focus our will, empowering ourselves take action and co-create the future we dream of - for and with our descendants. 

In this all age path, we move Magick and Witchcraft, Gender and Age beyond the binary into the interconnected web of the natural forces.  Through movement, trance, art, song, wordsmithing and adventuring, we will be learning and strengthening our tools of imaging, sensing and projecting energy, chanting, trance, creating magical space, spellcraft, and ritual planning. This core Reclaiming class is a prerequisite for other core Reclaiming classes and is appropriate for beginners as well as those who are more experienced.

If you have not taken Reclaiming Elements of Magic before at a camp or in community , this will be your Path.


The Naked Path - Earth, Stardust and the Wild Soul – with Jane Meredith and Jessica Dreamer

What happens if we strip away the identities we wear; of clothing, occupation, personality? What if we stand aside from our age, gender, history, stories? What would it mean to reclaim the mythic landscape of our bodies?

Naked, we reveal ourselves. When we do the work of listening to and learning from our bodies we begin to unwind the lie of our separation from others and we find our place within the collective soul. Together, we discard the masks and shells of self we have been sold and emerge from disillusionment. When we dare to reclaim our innocence, our dark hearts, our fierce starry heritage we do the work of healing as a joy and a defiance of all we have been led to believe. Liberation beckons…

Will you reclaim the landscape of your body? Will you learn its dance, its hurts, its song? Will you inhabit your naked body, beside other naked bodies and risk a revolution, risk discovering our human-ness, our animal-ness, our elemental souls? Reweaving, repairing and restoring the right relationship between body and mind - between earth and spirit - we return into the wildness of who we are.

This Path involves deep emotional and personal work and nudity. Reclaiming Elements of Magic is a pre-requisite.


Muse Craft - The Art of Sonic Spell Weaving – with Alphonsus and Jenneth StormSinger.

Muse -
verb: To meditate, to gaze wonderingly...
noun: Any number of sister goddesses of song, poetry, meditation or memory...
also: The power that inspires all creativity...

How often has sound or music become a special part of an experience, a special memory?

Can you recall when it made a ritual gathering that much more effective or memorable?

Sound can heal, disturb, and unify. In all cultures, there are "practices of collective joy."

From earthy to ethereal states, we learn how to raise energy, and to stay grounded; how to spark the imagination, or calm the mind. We tap into ancient wisdom and in-the-moment play. We deepen our listening, our rhythmic fluency, and our soundscaping skills. This is an ecstatic tradition. We will learn and practice weaving sonic spells to create energetic containers for transformation, to feed the soul and mend the fabric of our interrelated lives.

Come; let’s deepen our musical ritual skills!

Elements of Magic is a prerequisite for this path.


The Pentacle of Community: Cycle 1, The Reclaiming Community Core Class – with Gwydion and Kate Ash

In the Forest, not a single organism survives entirely on its own.  The mycelium in the forest floor supports and links everything rooted in it.  The trees provide shelter for all, reducing the temperature and wind-flow within the forest while also bringing moisture down from the sky.  Every creature in every ecosystem is interconnected. We too are interconnected.  In community, we grow together, we thrive together just like all creatures in the Forest.  In Reclaiming, community is the capstone of our tradition. And therein lays both our blessings and our challenges.

In this class, we rise to our challenges and embrace our blessings as we work magic with the Pentacle of Community.  Through the Pentacle of Community, we weave a network that supports our living, working, and being together; we build a radical alternative to the destructive domination and isolationism of the over-culture.  We will examine our relationships with each other, learn from indigenous and earth wisdom, perform radical self-analysis and empower tools that help us continually move from isolationism to standing together, supporting ourselves and each other as creatures of this brilliant and magical forest. 

Pre-requisites:Reclaiming Elements of Magic, Iron Pentacle.  Strongly recommended: Pearl Pentacle