Path at camp

Paths run for three hours each morning of Camp. At the beginning of WitchCamp each camper chooses a Path (or the Path chooses them...) and it is followed through four mornings of teacher-facilitated workings that tie-in with the theme and ritual story. Workings are a mix of individual and group working, often including discussions, trance, ritual, journalling, craft and other activities and magical techniques.

If it is your first time at CloudCatcher it is expected that you will take the Elements of Magic Path unless you have taken Elements of Magic in the community or at another camp .

Our wonderful paths for CloudCatcher 2018 are...


Wild Mystics

With Jarrah Staggard and Julie-Ann

Wise women and sages of old have journeyed into the wilds for understanding and information. Faerie tales and mythology brings our heroes and heroines into wild lands further than far, beyond thrice nine kingdoms to the wild wood and high mountain peaks. Some say pagans and witches do not have a great book they read to from, instead, their sacred text is written in the song of birds and the wheeling of stars, the growth of mountains and the drumming of the rain.

We know the wild world speaks with soft and subtle words murmured on the wings of bees, and shouts with the thunder of volcanoes. We know Her words are boldly brushed across the sky in the glowing blush of dawn and at the same time are as fleeting as the glint of mischief in a bower bird’s eye.

To understand what she is saying is the craft of the wise
to look,
to listen,
to feel!
Literacy of place is life-long learning. Our time in the Wild Mystic path will support us in looking into the magical and mundane world we live in - to see how the sacred has written Her messages and begin to decipher them. This path is one of daring and presence, a slowing down to hear the quiet voices and a speeding up to catch a whiff of the sublime.

Join us to commune with CloudCatcher camp as you have never before.
Join us as acolytes to the wild and become voices for the places we call home.
Each day our path will meet in a different place and at a different time. We will delve into the rainforest and up into the hills. Greet the sun and commune with the stars. Our path is a rain or shine, all out door path; with a dedication to knowing the land through experience. We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional custodians of the land, the Yugambeh people, the Elders past, present and emerging. May our connection with this land be in service of this place and the people of this place.

Our path is open to anyone who has taken Elements and is able to walk trails and climb hills. Children who have taken Elements and can maintain focus for 40 minutes at a time and follow directions are welcome to take this path accompanied by their parent. Those who think they want to join this path should bring a rock (fist size or smaller) from home, clothing to be comfortable outside at all hours of day or night, and a small jar of sweetness (honey, sugar or nectar) from the lands where you live.

Elements on the Mountain - A Spirit Quest

With Jane Meredith and Fio Aengus Santika

What do you seek?

How might you create magic?

Will you risk a journey through the elements to follow your spirit?

We approach the mountain. This is CloudCatcher, and this is the mountain where Hermes sought the truth, and this is our beloved earth, our mother. What is the wisdom of earth? We listen to our bodies, we listen to the land. We find sacred space.

We tumble into air, flying through wind, in trance, in thought, with breath. We are challenged: What do we believe? What do we know? Apollo whispers inspiration and we find words and music, we sing.

In the fire of community we celebrate with Bees. We learn to work with energy, with power - our interconnectedness is revealed, igniting us. We search out nectar, we fan the flames of our magic, we forge together and rise up –

Cooling, we drop into the depths. What must we release, heal, and surrender to, as we follow the path of our Quest? We let ourselves be shaped by the flow of feeling, of sorrow and joy and we touch the primordial source.

Our individual journeys meet and join in Spirit. We create magic, weaving a ritual together to charge our intentions and complete our Quests.

This is the foundational class in the Reclaiming Tradition. We will learn about sacred space, grounding and invocation, building and raising energy, emotional presence and healing work. We will sing, trance, breathe and make magic together as we discover and follow our own individual Quests. We will explore what it means to listen deep within ourselves, and heed the call; how to be an individual within magical community.

Elements of Magic is the beginning of our learning and also we return many times. Perhaps you’re six years old and the idea of a magical quest is perfect for you. Perhaps you’re forty-five, or sixty-three and have been on many quests - this can be a time to reconnect with your spirit, discover what has meaning for you and consolidate skills to help follow your path. Perhaps you’re fifteen and learning who you want to become. All are welcome.

Bring a journal and pen (including children), and whatever you need to be comfortable both inside and outside.

If you’ve never taken Reclaiming’s Elements of Magic, this will be your Path. This is an all ages Path.

Divination Path

With Jenn and Laura

At the threshold of possibility, what will you discover? What is your wyrd or your fate (and what is the difference)? What do you reclaim for yourself and the world when you know?

Like the fool in the Tarot perhaps you are ready to take a risk and expand into the unknown. Follow along the spiraling paths of mystery, and explore the arts of divination. Let Hermes open the door to your senses, to your dreaming heart and imagination. There, the Bee priestesses hum their wisdom into your cells, teaching you the ways of patterns and symbols. When you hold keys that unlock your intuition, what will you seek? What can you give to this world?

In this path, we will examine the voices of our inner critic(s) and other filters, polishing the lens of our discernment. We will open to the invisible world, listening to the land, the bees, and Bee priestesses; practicing our intuitive, symbolic reading. We will build relationship with runes, the tarot, and other systems/dances of augury, learning that when we are present, we may receive through many mediums. Our magic will include trance, work with Ancestors, embodiment, creativity, walking/listening in nature, spell craft and ecstatic ritual. 

Please bring divination tools if you have them along with a journal/paper and writing implements. For your comfort bring sun/rain protection for when we go outside.

This Path involves deep emotional and personal work, as well as focus on our role as witches in the larger world. It is appropriate for beginners as well as those who are more experienced. Reclaiming Elements of Magic is a prerequisite and we request that path participants be 18 and over.


Living Ritual: How to Make Sacred Space.

With Ravyn Stanfield and Shiray.

In dynamic, living ritual, we enter the eternal: the realms where mythology, poetry, divine energy and archetypes live and breathe.

In an isolating and impersonal culture, we require ritual art that is restorative and relevant, and provocative. We can become so caught up in the trappings of modern life (mobile phones, the internet and television), that we lose our deep connection with nature, community and ourselves! Ritual and ceremony are foundational practices that help us heal, reconnect, and remember what is sacred in the world around us.

Come join us as we explore techniques, skills and processes that aid in the construction and enactment of dynamic ritual and ceremony. We will work with sound, movement, rhythm, silence and the wisdom of the world around us. You will learn to priestess with your voice and body language to lead groups in multiple forms of ritual. The skills we develop will become vital parts of the camp evening rituals.

This is the work of a lifetime. The skills and practices created in this path can go beyond camp and out into the world when we are suddenly asked to create ritual: our child’s pet funeral, a retirement party, a yoga class to celebrate the turning of the season, a birthday celebration for a friend who is dying of cancer. We will give you tools to enable you to plan and perform rituals for yourself, with community and with the wild and divine energies of the world.

Elements of Magic and attendance of at least one WitchCamp are required to attend this path. We request that path participants be 18 and over.

          ...and now with the paths revealed, time to dream into which path is the one for you!